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Landscaping Perth

At Superior Reticulation And Landscaping Perth we undertake both the design process and and the construction of landscaping designs. Our landscaping adds value to your home and allows it to meet your lifestyle needs.

The Superior LSR service has 3 main steps to it those being:

Step 1
The client presents us with their project. You let us know what ideas you have and what your lifestyle needs and possible future uses for you garden will be. This gives us a general idea for the scope of your project. If you have a budget in mind for the project, letting us know now allows us to provide you with a design and ideas for what you will be able to achieve with the budget.

Step 2
We gather the information give by you along with and selections on materials, plants and other resources to provide you an accurate quotation for the job. At this stage you can choose to receive a custom made plan for your project.

Step 3
This is where your design comes to life. Our installers undergo industry proven methods to install your landscaping design and bring your garden to life. Once your transformation is complete you can than be run through any instructions on reticulation controls and maintenance on your landscaping design.

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